We value our customers and love to tell the world about the positive experiences they have had with Watts & Holmes.


"Tray S. has been a very professional electrician. He has been knowledgeable and explanations were understandable. He has the ability to make a homeowner involved and comfortable with his work. He asked questions as to where I wanted the dedicated outlets, not just where he felt they should be. He also has a great sense of humor. Thank you for sending Tray S. to be our electrician."

--Mr. and Mrs. D. Herbert


Dear Matthew and friends,

I recently had your company install a heat pump and do rewiring at my home. Needless to say, I was thoroughly impressed with the entire job, and mostly with the men who came to do the job.

I have rarely seen that many men on ANY type of job that were as professional, caring, and completely dedicated to the job they were doing. Never at any time during that 8 hour day did I hear one word that I found questionable. Being a Christian woman, that was truly a blessing, and practically unheard of!

They all seemed to get along with each other very well. I had to laugh at their jokes and good-naturedness while they were picking on one another like brothers. I never saw a time when anyone was standing around wasting time. They had to be efficient to get the job done in the time they did. It wasn’t a simple replacement of an existing heat pump, but a total installation: cutting the holes in the floors, doing ductwork in the crawlspace, moving the oil drum and stand, not to mention the incredible clean-up afterward. The crew deserves to be highly commended!

Along with this staggering feat, Tray Sanders almost single-handedly rewired “this old house” and boy, THAT was a job!! His conscientiousness and gentlemanly manners made him a JOY to be around! What a true servant’s spirit he has. He has checked back with me several times to make sure I am happy with the system and that everything is still working well. Greg also came back and helped Tray redo the outlets and was just as capable and professional.

Everyone connected with 72 Degrees has impressed me, from the ladies who answer the phone to the workmen in the field. If you don’t believe me, just start at the top and read it again!!

I hope God will continue to bless this company and its fine staff. It truly was a blessing doing business with your company.

Yours in Christ,

Kadrian  (Kadi) Townsel


"I was very impressed with the electricians from Watts & Holmes. Tray was VERy helpful and courteous and he had great suggestions for us. He was an all-around great guy!"

--Roger Teague