Is Your Home’s Electrical System Safe?

Is your home’s electrical system safe? If you can’t answer this question with any degree of certainty, it’s time to have it checked out. After all, many homeowners are unaware of the hazards associated with an older electrical system or outdated electric panel.

Some electrical equipment may need to be replaced because it is simply too dangerous to continue its use within your home or place of business. This can include dangerous fires that can strike at any time without warning. Specifically, if your electric panel is a Federal Pacific Electric Panel then it needs to be completely replaced. Here is what a typical Federal Pacific panel looks like.

These specific panels have shown to have the ability to overheat and catch fire, causing serious damage to your home or occupants. If you have any questions or would like to know if your home’s electric panel is a Federal Pacific Electric Panel, please contact us at 828-358-1058!

Another type of panel that can cause problems is the Zinsco panel. Most Zinsco panels are obsolete today. But there once widely used throughout North America. Over time, many electricians and home inspectors have discovered that some Zinsco panels often can fail to operate properly and may leave homes and homeowners at risk to fire and/or electrical shock.

Zinsco panels can look like this:

Other Dangers

Some homes may even have mysterious electrical issues that need to be solved. For instance, does your home have a mysterious light that flickers, an electrical socket that sends an odd shocking sensation to the touch, or an electrical outlet appearing to be brown/discolored or warm to the touch? If you can answer yes to any of these items, you definitely need to have your electrical system inspected to ensure its safety.

[Above: Image of a discolored electric outlet. This often occurs from inferior installation and should be properly repaired right away.]

If your home’s electrical system hasn’t been properly inspected to ensure its safety, please be sure to do so. It’s an important part of your home’s maintenance plan. Consult with an Electrical Certified Contractor like Watts and Holmes for a Safety Inspection Today.  PLUS, if you schedule an appointment online, you’ll receive a FREE 6-panel surge protector! (One per household please.) Don’t wait any longer to ensure the safety of you and your family!