Enerpeace Solar A/C Payback System

For centuries, the Sun has been making homes hot and unbearable…
Now it’s time for some payback!

The Sun may a Fiery Ball of Heat that Makes your Home Hot, Sticky, and Unbearable.

But did you know you can actually use the Sun to Keep Your Home Cooler?

Yes, the sun may cause your home to be a furnace in the summer, and make your utility bills go through the roof, but now you can harness that “hot” power, not to mention the space on your roof, and actually control it, using it to power your air conditioner or heat pump and keep your home cool… for less.

Reduce or eliminate your cooling costs with the Enerpeace Solar A/C Payback System exclusively from Watts & Holmes (72 Degrees of Hickory). The system produces energy from the sun and reduces the electrical draw from your air conditioner, saving you money.

The Enerpeace Solar A/C Payback System uses the power of the sun, capturing it in a series of space-age solar panels that power not only your cooling system, but also other appliances when the A/C is not in use.

How it works:

Enerpeace Solar A/C Payback System

Solar Panel Features:

Special Savings

For a limited time only, you can harness the raw power of the Sun and save big.

Ask about 0% financing for 18 months for qualified homeowners.

For specifics on the tax credits, visit www.energystar.gov or www.dsireusa.org.

Call 828-358-1036 or contact us and see how much the Enerpeace Solar A/C Payback System can save you!